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    Equality and discrimination are issues that touch everyone. Generally we find that businesses as a whole support the concept of…

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    Equality and discrimination is something at affects everybody, and is something that everybody can help and make a difference. As…

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    The media is instrumental in changing hearts and minds of businesses and individuals. Our mission is to encourage businesses and…


Latest News

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    Disability Employment

    Specialty recruiters and employers are employing individuals with disabilities focusing on their abilities.

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    Indigenious Australians

    New programs are being rolled out across Australia to give Indigenous Australians access to the same education and employment opportunities.

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    Women in the Workforce

    Women are becoming a formidable force in the mining industry taking over traditionally male jobs especially in heavy machinery.

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    NSW Marriage Equality

    A petition on Getup.org is pushing for marriage equality in NSW, opening the doors for LGBT marriage across Australia.