In the workforce today there are concerning discrepancies between the unemployment rates of older people compared with their younger counterparts. Older Australians face discrimination in the workplace with their wealth of experience and knowledge often overlooked in favour of new blood. This is due to a number of reasons, mostly revolving around perceptions. Many employers perceive that older Australians who are looking for work to have something wrong with them and ayr on the side of caution and employee others. Employers also perceive older workers to not be as tech savvy and fear issues around using technology and new software. Regulatory issues also surround older workers with higher award rates than their younger competitors.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show about one-third of older people who have given up looking for work say it is because employers think they are too old. Most cases of age discrimination are related to employment matters (68%). Reentering the workforce is generally the point at which older workers face discrimination. They enter retirement and as they want to go back to work for financial or lifestyle reasons they hit a discrimination barrier. This is not only an issue for the individuals but is also costing the taxpayer and the government billions of dollars in welfare payments that could so easily be avoided. Together with businesses we plan to change the perception of older workers and prove to employers that they are a huge asset for their business and can contribute to the economy as a whole. However, we need your support to change the hearts and minds of businesses and society. Join as a member to support these causes and stamp out discrimination.