Australia is an extremely multicultural nation, whilst this is a huge positive the reality is that multiculturalism creates divisions and racism.

People from all over the globe hear about Australia’s multicultural society and pearly white beaches. However, when they move over here the reality is a far cry from the travel brochures and postcards. Victims of racism can be children, students, families, workers, grandparents, and anyone inbetween, noone is immune to the taunts, threats and bullying that have been reported.

And then there’s the traditional owners of this great land who are also heavily discriminated against and face huge divides in education, housing, health, employment and as a result are heavily over represented in our prison population. Ofcourse we’ve made huge changed since the 1788 invasion, but that’s hardly a benchmark we should be working off. In September 2013 Nova Peris was elected as the first Indigenous MP, whilst this is great news on the flip side it’s terrible to think it’s taken this long before this was achieved.

There is no place for discrimination and no place for racism in Australia today. Technology is playing a part in catching people who actively display racism in society such as recent rants caught on phones towards passengers on buses etc. However, this doesn’t solve the issue of discrimination, educating and making people aware of it and the affect that it has will help close the race divide.