In 2013 the World economic forum ranked Australia 24th in the Gender Gap Index. The same report in 2006 has Australia ranked 15th, clearly other countries are making leaps and bounds in closing the gender gap as Australia stands still.

The pay gap between men and women in Australia nationally in 2012 was 17.6% with WA the highest at 26% and TAS the lowest at 9%. However the gap is not just about employment the Gender Gap Index report also covered issues such as political empowerment and health of which Australia was positioned an embarrassing 43rd and 69th respectively.

At support equality we are all about closing the gap in all areas so that everyone can be treated and viewed equally. The strongest way we can do this is by education and awareness and by gaining the support of businesses big and small we can make a positive change. Women are underrepresented in industry in key senior roles and this is not because they don’t have the skills and experience necessary it’s simply the status quo that needs to be changed. Although the USA is not Australia, in the US Fortune 1000 companies only 4.6% had female CEOs. That statistic is something to be ashamed of. Reports also indicate that women have to work longer and harder to reach the same role and even when in the same role are underpaid compared to their male counterparts.

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