The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender community is arguably the group that has a longest way to go for equal rights. Whilst many other developed countries have come out of the middle ages and decided to legalise gay marriage Australian LGBTQI individuals and couples are discriminated against due to their sexuality. It’s a contradiction that Australia has an Anti-Discrimination policy explicitly saying that we cannot discriminate against individuals based on their sexuality or perceived sexuality. However, the government openly discriminates against the community by banning marriage for those with a different sexual orientation. It’s a sad state of affairs that homophobia is still a real issue within the Australian culture. Fortunately it’s a relatively small percentage of individuals who are preaching anti-gay sentiments and most of Australia supports gay rights and giving everyone equal opportunities and experiences.

It’s our mission to stamp out homophobia in the Australian culture and send a clear message to homophobic preachers that it’s not acceptable. Whilst we accept and welcome the notion of free speech we need to make it clear that those messages are not tolerated in our community.

Our mission is to also give the LGBTQI community equal rights to heterosexuals recognising their rights and affording them the basic human right of being able to make a formal commitment to their loved one. This will also give them the legal rights for areas such as banking, tax, superannuation, insurance and many other areas that the rest of the Australian community take for granted. Formalising the rights of the LGBT community will not eradicate homophobia but it’s a good start. How can we as a community condemn homophobia if we don’t legally give the community equal rights. It’s not a man and a woman, a man and a man or even a woman and a woman. But two people, standing in front of the most important people in their lives expressing their love and devotion to each other. Witnessed by family and friends and recognised by law is something we all are striving to achieve.

We are 100% committed to bringing the voice to the Government that Australia is ready and it’s long overdue and needed.The best way we can do this is by getting businesses and individuals to show their support for the cause and show the Government that it’s what they stand for.To show your support join our cause now and be part of the solution.